TenderBoard has recently added the Credit Note functionality to its procure-to-pay capability. Similar to the existing Direct Invoice functionality, the Credit Note functionality allows requesters to submit Credit Notes via the system. There are two main differences:

  1. Credit Notes are used for cases where suppliers will be returning payment, or offsetting future payment, to a buyer.
  2. Credit Notes can be linked to existing invoices for reference only.

Before requesters in an organisation are able to use the credit note functionality, their organisation must first complete the configuration for Credit Notes. More details on this can be found in the credit note configuration guide for Buyer Admins found here: How do I configure the Credit Note capability for my organisation

To create a credit note, you must first go to the credit note tab of the Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice page.

To start, click on the Create Credit Note button, which will show the Select Your Supplier pop-up. You may either select an existing Invoice No that the credit note relates to, or select a company name to create an independent Credit Note.

Note that the system does not currently allow you to link to multiple invoices at once. Click on Create to begin creating the credit note.

As with Direct Invoices, you may be required to fill in various custom fields in addition to completing the credit note form.

Once you have completed the credit note form and attached the credit note attachment, you may send the credit note for approval.