TenderBoard has recently added the Credit Note functionality to its procure-to-pay capability. Similar to the existing Direct Invoice functionality, the Credit Note functionality allows requesters to submit Credit Notes via the system. There are two main differences:

  1. Credit Notes are used for cases where suppliers will be returning payment, or offsetting future payment, to a buyer.
  2. Credit Notes can be linked to existing invoices for reference only.

For information on how your requesters may create Credit Notes after you have completed the configuration, you may refer to this article: How can I submit a Credit Note on TenderBoard?

To configure the Credit Note capability on TenderBoard, you would need to update your configuration in 3 areas.

Form Designer

Firstly, you would need to decide if there are any custom fields you wish to add to the Credit Note form. You may do so on the Credit Note tab of the Form Designer page.

Approval Workflow Designer

Once you have created the required form fields, you may create a Credit Note approval workflow on the Approval Workflow Designer page. To create a new credit note workflow, click on the + Credit Note button.

Update the approval workflow in accordance with your organisation's workflow requirements, then submit it to save the workflow.

User Management

Lastly, you may go to the user management page to assign the approval workflow to any user who requires it.