Budget Details Page


The Budget Details page shows you the details of the budget as well as all purchase requests and invoices tracked to the budget.


You may access the ‘Budget Details’ page from either the ‘Budget Tracking’ page in ‘Tools and Reports’ menu.

  1. Click the Action button ‘⋮’ icon next to each Budget Code and click ‘View’.

You will be brought to the ‘Budget Details’ page.  Budget Details page allows you to view how much is reserved, committed, and spent based on the overview of the purchases and invoices.

Definition of Budget Terms


In TenderBoard’s terms, the budget status has the following meanings:

  1. Reserved: Refers to the budget amount that has raised in the Purchase Request yet to obtain approvals.
  2. Committed: Refers to the budget amount tied to Purchase Orders issued to suppliers. 
  3. Spent: Refers to the budget amount for invoices from suppliers that have been fully processed on TenderBoard.




Budget Status in relevance with Purchase Request Stages


In the ‘Transactions’ section on the Budget Details page, you can view the status of each Purchase Request that utilizes budgets to see how the budget links to various stages of the Purchase Request.


Purchase Request and the Requested Budget Status:


  1. PR Status: ‘Pending Evaluation’, Requested Budget will be ‘Reserved’.
  2. PR Status: ‘Awarded’, Requested Budget will be ‘Committed’.
  3. If the PR have been invoiced and processed as ‘Ready to Pay’, Requested Budget will be ‘Spent’.
     - Click on the ‘+’ icon to view the invoices linked to the Budget.


Exporting Budget Details


If you wish to export the details, click ‘Export as Excel’ on the top left.


The Excel file that you've downloaded will contain a summation of the values for the budgets you have download, so that you can do a comparison across your budgets.


If you wish to download only a subset of your budgets, you may do this by searching so that only the relevant budgets are selected.