To access the Budget Management tab, click on ‘Management’, then click on ‘Budget Management’ menu.

Creating New Budgets

Step 1:

Create a new Budget by clicking on ‘Add Budget’. 




Step 2: 

The ‘Add Budget’ pop-up includes the following fields:




Budget Code

A reference number used to identify this Budget, visible to purchasers in their Budget Management page and Purchase Request when selecting Budget

Budget Year

The year when the Budget is assigned to. The system will automatically tie the Budget Year to the Budget Code, and will keep budgets from separate years separate.


A brief description of the Budget, visible to purchasers in their Budget Management page


The departments that the Budget is assigned to.


Users who will be allowed to draw from the Budget

Budget Viewed

Users who will be allowed to view the Budget on the Budget Tracking page


The total amount of the Budget


The goods and services tax (GST) levied on the Budget

Start Date/ End Date 

The period of validity for the Budget


Step 3:

Click ‘Save’ once you have filled in all of the fields.  The budget will be saved to the Budget Management page. 



Creating a list of New Budgets by Importing

To set up and upload multiple different budgets at one go, you may do so by importing the template. Click the ‘Template’ button and upload the template with the ‘Import’ button. The template file contains the same fields as the Add Budget pop-up and allows you to import multiple budgets at once.


You may also key in mass add/remove users, viewers and departments for the budgets by clicking on ‘Bulk Update’.


Editing and Deleting Budgets


To edit or delete the individual budget details, click on the ‘Edit’/’Delete’ button under ‘Actions’ (3 dot icon) button.


Note: There is no function to perform mass deletion of budget. Budgets will need to be deleted one by one.

Searching and Filtering


To search for a specific budget or set of budgets, you can click on the magnifying glass and type in a search term. 



The search will match to the Budget Code or Budget Description.