There are some settings related to Budget that can be accessed by Buyer Admins in ‘Organization Settings’ in the ‘Management’ menu. 


All these settings are yes by default if neither ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are selected.


In General tab:


  1. Allow Budget Overrun: The purchaser can still proceed to submit the form if there’s an overrun in budget.

  2. Budget Auto-calculation: The allocated budget will automatically update according to the different drawdown stages.


In Budget tab:

  1. Purchasers won’t be able to submit new Purchase Request if the value exceeds the limit of the selected status – Reserved, Committed, Spent.
  2. Allow available budget from external source.
  3. By default, budget excludes GST. You can include GST in the budget, by selecting ‘Default New Budget to Include GST when Auto-computing’.