The Line Item Allocation System field is an add-on setting and must be activated before it can be used

Many organisations have a requirement to purchase a set of items in bulk, before allocating the cost for the item to different accounts or cost centres. In TenderBoard, you may either split the set of items in the Line Item Table directly, or you may use the Allocation function in order to do so. If you have many cost centres or accounts to allocate to, splitting in the Line Item table may result in a large number of line items being required, with the supplier (or your own users) required to enter in values for every single line. Your organisation may thus decide to activate the Allocation function if such purchases are made regularly.

How does allocation work?

Enabling the Allocation function will create an Allocation action in the Line Item table. Clicking on the icon will bring you to the Line Item Allocation pop-up

The Allocation pop-up allows you to select which fields that you would like to allocate, and also allows you to select if you wish to allocate by percentage, quantity or value.

Allocation is calculated from the first line downwards - if your allocation quantity exceeds the line item quantity, the allocation will be assigned from the first line down.

Once the allocation is done, the system will prevent you from updating any fields that have been set directly by allocation.