The approval workflow designer is used in the TenderBoard system to manage the different approval steps for Purchase Requests. There are 3 fields that are available in each step that allow organisations to help clarify the purpose of each approval step.

1. Details - the Details field can be used to elaborate on the purpose of the approval step. For instance, if the approval is for waiver of competition, you can use the Details field to specify this. Details will show up on the Approval Chain page of every Purchase Request, and is convenient for external parties who are reviewing the approval processes of your organisation.

2. Instructions - the Instructions field is used to inform the processor of that particular step of what they are required to do. The instructions will appear in the e-mail received by the processor, and also appears at the top of the approval page. 

3. Configuration Notes - the configuration notes field is only visible on the Approval Workflow Designer page, and hence is only visible to Buyer Admins within the organisation. It can be used to describe the logic of the approval workflow step, to make it easier to other Buyer Admins who may be making updates to the configuration at a later time.