This functionality applies to Purchase Order invoices only, and not to Direct Invoices.

This functionality requires configuration - if you wish to make use of this functionality, your administrator will need to update your form and workflow configuration. You may refer to 
Allowing updating of Invoice fields after invoice submission for details.

After an invoice is submitted for a Goods Receipt, your organisation's workflow may require that the invoice be routed for further approval or review. If you notice that the invoice details are in error, you may follow the following steps to amend the invoice details.

Note that this is currently applicable only for these fields:

  • Invoice No
  • Issue Date
  • Payment Terms

Updating Invoice Details

When reviewing the Goods Receipt, you may wish to update some of the invoice details on the Invoice Tab.


On the Goods Receipt tab, you will find the equivalent fields listed (this must have been added to your configuration, and you must be granted the access to update these fields)

Update the fields to the values that you desire, then submit the Goods Receipt

The invoice will now be updated to show the values that you've amended