This article explains the configuration update to enable this functionality - How do I update invoice details for a submitted invoice?

TenderBoard now allows you to update some invoice fields after invoice submission. This functionality is only available for the following fields:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment Terms

In order to enable this functionality for your organisation, you will need to make the following updates:

Form Designer

In Form Designer, firstly add the relevant System fields to the Goods Receipt form. You may do this by clicking on the Actions button for a field group, then selecting 'Add System Field'

A pop-up will show up, on which you can add any combination of the 3 fields, depending on what you would like to update.

Warning: Remember to click on the Submit button to save the changes after you have added the fields

Approval Workflow Designer

In Approval Workflow Designer, first find the workflow you wish to update, then select the Edit button.

On the workflow page, click on the Goods Receipt tab, go to the intended approval step, then click on the 'Select Fields' button

Update the Read/Write settings for the newly added fields. Note that to allow the values to be updated by the user, the fields will need to be set to Write. 

Once updated, click on Submit to save the changes