TenderBoard allows users to be tagged to entities other than their default entities (all users must have a default entity). This functionality is useful if your organisation has multiple entities that mst have their data kept separately, but might have users (usually approvers) whose roles straddle the separate entities.

This functionality must be activated for each user in your organisation.

If you have been assigned to multiple entities, you may switch your entity by doing the following:

Firstly, click on the account avatar at the top right-hand corner of the page. You will see the entity that you're logged in to, as well as other entities that you can switch to.

To switch your entity, click on the entity you wish to switch to (e.g. in this case, TenderBoard Testing Pte Ltd. The page will reload and you will be logged in to the new entity.

Logging In

From the TenderBoard login page, you will log in to your default organisation.

When receiving approval notifications, you will be logged into the account that the approval notification is for. See the example below, when the user receives a notification for their non-default entity.

After you log in, you will be logged straight in to the non-default organisation that you need to process a purchase for.