Here are some updates that have been made recently on TenderBoard.

This page will be updated when there are new features made available on TenderBoard.

Add-on features come with additional charges. Beta release features are not chargeable while in beta, but might not have the full features or stability of a regular feature

26th March 2023

Allocation Field Functionality (Add-on, requires activation)

The allocation field allows you to further split the custom line item fields for a single line item into multiple components. This is often used to share costs for a single line item. For more details, please read How do I use the Line Item Allocation System Field

Multiple Entity Functionality (Add-on, requires activation)

TenderBoard now allows organisations to be split into multiple entities, while allowing users to log into different entities with the same account. For more details, view How do I switch the entity I am logged in to?

Invoice Amendment [Configuration Update]

Users have requested the ability to update invoice details after submission, without the need to re-do the entire invoice. TenderBoard has added fields in the Goods Receipt page that will allow the invoice details to be amended after processing. This feature will require a configuration update to be activated for your organisation. Note that this feature applies only to Goods Receipt invoices, and not Direct Invoices. For more details, please read How do I update invoice details for a submitted invoice?

Approval Workflow Notes Function [Admin Update]

A new notes function has been added to the Approval Workflow Designer. This allows you to add in additional information that can be displayed in the Approval Chain, as well as internal notes specific to the configuration of the workflow. For more details, please read Annotations in the Approval Workflow Designer