Buyer Admins are able to use the covering function for users in their organisation. The covering function allows the Buyer Admin to assign a covering officer to take over another user's duties during the covering period (usually when the user is away for a period of time, such as during leave). The covering officer will be authorised to perform all of the user's actions during this period, and will receive notifications intended for the user.

Multiple covering officers can be set to cover a single user at one point in time. In that case, all covering officers will receive notifications and be able to take over that user's duties.

How to set Covering for users in your organisation

1. Click on Management - then User Management

2. Under "User Management", click on the "Covering Officer" tab, where you will find the Covering record. Click "Add" to set a new Covering task

3. Select the user's account to be covered. You will find the "Current Tasks" and "Expected Upcoming Tasks" of the user - then click Next

4. Select the Covering Officer/ user, period of the Covering Time, and a Note, then click "Create". The covering task will be added to the Covering record.