The Contract Management module in TenderBoard allows buyer organisations to create fixed-price contracts for purchasers to create requests from. Your organisation’s Buyer Admin(s) are able to create contracts and contract workflows and assign them to purchasers.


Procurement contracts typically fall into 3 main categories:




Usage on TenderBoard

Framework Agreement / 

Ad-hoc Price List

A contract issued to a vendor to provide specified items or services at an agreed rate

Contract Management is applicable for this type of contracts.

Fixed term contract (with option)

A contract issued to the vendor to provide specified services for a fixed term

Usually issued as a Single Purchase Order, with partial Goods Receipt done upon delivery. Contract Management may be used to manage options.


A contract issued to a vendor to provide a range of services with a variable charging mechanism (man-day or cost-plus arrangements)

Contract Management is not typically used to manage such contracts due to variable nature of charging

Example of a Framework Agreement / Ad-hoc Price List

Example of a Fixed Term Contract

To create a contract, you will first need to set up for the following:

  1. Contract Management Form Fields in Form Designer
  2. Contract Chain(s) in Approval Workflow Designer

The following lists how you may maximise this feature:

  1. Create a New Contract
  2. Create a Purchase Request
  3. Check & approve Purchase
  4. Finalize Purchase

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