You might wish to to hold either a physical or virtual site showround or tender briefing for a particular purchase request and intend to inform suppliers of the details and ask them to register. The guide below will provide the steps on how to set it up to allow suppliers to register on TenderBoard and attend.

Check with your Buyer Admin, if you don't see the Site Showround/Site Briefing field is not available.

Using the Site Showround function

  1. Go to "My Buylist" page, click on "New Purchase Request", and select the appropriate workflow as required,

  2. On the purchase request form, scroll until you see "Site Showround/Tender Briefing field.
    There are 3 options to select for the the Site Showround/Tender Briefing:
    1. Yes - Compulsory for suppliers to register and attend the site showround
    2. No - Site Showround is not applicable. This is the default selection
    3. Upon Request - Supplier can request for site showround, and you'll be notified in the system and via email, when they do.

  3. Fill in all the fields to proceed. 

Managing your Site Showround registration

  1. Click on the "⋮" icon beside your Purchase request and select "Briefing Registration" to view the list of registrants.
  2.  You may download the attendance sheet for the actual day. 

What the Suppliers see

This is what Suppliers will view in your listing, when there's a site showround. They can submit their registration for the site showround. They will also receive an email notification to confirm their registration.

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