System Updates

  • Line Item Conditionals

Now, you have even more control over your conditional settings. The latest update allows you to use Line Item as a trigger for conditional settings. This empowers you to tailor your platform experience according to your specific needs and preferences.

  • PO Replacement Functionality

We understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in your procurement processes. With the new PO Replacement Functionality, you can easily replace Purchase Orders.

  • To enable this feature, simply toggle the Replacement Module switch.

  • The updated Purchase Order and PDF files will always reflect the most recent version.

  • Last but not least, you'll receive a convenient pop-up notification when there are ongoing Goods Receipt (GR) and Invoice processes.

  • New Direct Invoice Report Fields

We're introducing several new fields in the Direct Invoice Report, these fields include:

  • Budget Tracking/Allocation Field (Budget code, name)

  • Total Amount with GST and Total Amount without GST

  • Status

  • Created Date

  • Currency (a brand-new field that is not available in any reports until now)

  • Improved Vendor Sync capability for integrations

Gain greater control over data synchronisation with the ability to determine the frequency of sync and track supplier status for Vendor Auto Sync via Netsuite REST API.

  • File Type Options for Gateway's Activity Summary

Customise your reporting experience by determining the file type for Gateway → Activities. Download the Activity Summary in Excel format, containing exactly what your filter shows.

Configuration Updates

  • Covering, View Permissions, Multiple Entity Updates

Users can now approve deals when assigned to cover for another user. Additionally, users gain the ability to view the permissions of their colleagues, providing a more collaborative and transparent workflow.