TenderBoard allows suppliers to submit invoices to you as a Buyer. This guide instructs the Invoice Admin on how to process this invoice as a Direct Invoice (non-PO invoice).

If you wish to process this invoice as a PO invoice, it must be rejected to the supplier, and they must submit it and indicate which PO it belongs to.

Firstly, when a supplier submits an invoice on TenderBoard, the Invoice Admin will receive an email indicating that an invoice must be assigned.  Click on the "Assign Now" button to proceed.

The link will bring you to the Invoice Admin Processing page. On this page, you may click on the Action button, then click on Assign to have the Assign pop-up show.

On the Assign pop-up, you may indicate which user to assign the invoice to. That user will be able to process the Direct Invoice

Once assigned, the user can then Process the Direct Invoice by selecting the appropriate Approval Chain to process the invoice.