As part of our ongoing effort to serve you better, we have released more feature updates on the platform in the last 3 months to help you better manage your purchases. If you are keen to explore these features or need any assistance with your setup, reach out to us at

  1. Contract Reports
  2. Simple Quotation Upload
  3. Approved Supplier Only
  4. PO Replacement
  5. Budget Categories
  6. Tax Value Adjustments

1. Contract Reports

Users are now able to create reports for your Contracts under Report Designer. 

You can choose specific fields to include in your reports, such as:

  • Contract Title
  • Contract Description
  • Any Custom Contract Form Fields
  • Number of PRs, GRs or Invoices

  • Reserved, Committed or Spent Values

2. Simple Quotation Upload Function

*Note: this function is for Non-Sourcing workflows Only and serves to simplify the quotation submission process.

Users can now upload a simple quotation that only requires the following details for non-awarded quotations:

  • Supplier

  • Total Price

  • Quotation

This feature is available in the ‘Submit Quote’ page in your workflows and can only be used for non-awarded suppliers.

This is an additional functionality that Buyer Admins will need to configure to allow the organisation to access the feature.

3. Approved Supplier Only Option

Invited suppliers can now be filtered further with the ‘Approved Supplier Only’ option in the Purchase Request form. This can be used if your organisation maintains a list of Approved Suppliers who are specially authorised for quicker procurement processes.

This option can be configured in your Purchase Form Designer, so only suppliers tagged with an ‘Approved’ status will be invited when the ‘Approved Supplier Only’ option is checked in the Purchase Request page.

4. PO Replacement Function

The PO Replacement feature is now available for users to amend and replace issued Purchase Orders. At this point, only fields in the Line Item table can be amended.

Buyer Admins will need to assign users access under Approval Workflow Designer. With access to this function, users can select the ‘Replace Purchase Order’ option in the Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice page.

5. Budget Categories

Organisations can now create budget categories within the Budget Management Module and assign selected categories to approvers. Budget Category is an optional field that can be updated on the budget category tab or by editing the individual budget. A new tab, ‘Categories’, has been added to the Budget Management page for users to easily view budget categories.

6. Update Tax Value Directly on Evaluation and Invoice

Users can now update tax rates/values in the Evaluation and Invoice stages. The updates can be made on the Evaluation form or Invoice form. The system will indicate that a different tax rate/value was submitted in the quotation, and the user will be able to enter justification on the difference.

Questions about our new features? Reach out to us at