TenderBoard's Manual Bid Submission functionality can be activated to prevent suppliers from submitting bids for a particular deal. This is used if the bids for that deal need to be submitted via non-electronic means. 

If you wish to implement the Manual Bid Submission functionality for your organisation, you will need to do the following:

Firstly, go to the Form Designer page. On the Purchase Request tab, ensure that the Manual Submission system field is added to the available fields.

If the field is not present, you should choose the 'Add System Field function, select the Manual Submission field and add it to the Purchase Request form tab. Be sure to Submit the changes before leaving the page.

Next, on the Approval Workflow Designer page, go to the relevant workflow, and ensure that the Manual Submission field is set to 'Write' by the appropriate user.

Once you have updated this, be sure to submit the changes as well.

With these changes, when a user creates a new Purchase Request using the selected workflow, they will be able to activate the Manual Bid Submission functionality for that deal.

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