The Contract Management module in TenderBoard allows buyer organisations to create contracts for purchasers to create requests from. This feature usually caters to agreements with fixed prices from which purchasers would raise request from time to time. Learn more about Contract Management here.

Begin by creating a new contract with the prices agreed:


1. Click on Management > Contract Management

Click on Management > Contract Management

2. You will be brought to the Contract Management page that lists all contracts that have been created

Contract Management page

3. Click on NEW CONTRACT


4. A new window will pop up

A new window will pop up

5. Type the supplier's name e.g. SHA Company - select Create company if option is not available under dropdown list

Type "SHA Company"

6. Click on SHA Company

Click on SHA Company

7. Click on CREATE

Click on CREATE

8. Complete the Contract Form beginning with the Overview section

Click on highlight

9. A key field to take note is the selection of contract approval workflow that has been created beforehand

10. Ensure all details are provided

Click on Overview

11. Proceed to the next section Line Items to build the list of products/services under this new contract

Click on Select...

12. You may use the Search Item function if the product/service has been created - this serves well when creating a new contract with changed prices

Click on  Search Item

13. Otherwise, you may type the name of the product/service e.g. Lift Maintenance

Type "Lift Maintenance"

14. Click PREVIEW CONTRACT once all details are furnished

15. You will be brought to the html coding page of the form you have just created

Click on document

16. Click on CONFIRM

Click on CONFIRM

17. You will brought back to the Contract Management page

Click on Contract Management

18. The new contract you have created should be listed

Click on Lift Maintenance…

Proceed to raising a new purchase request from the new contract created.

If the above does not help to solve your issue, you may also contact our Customer Support team at