If you have issued a Purchase Order (PO) to a supplier, but no longer wish to receive what you had ordered, you are able to Close the PO in the TenderBoard system. Some typical examples of when this is required are when you have made a purchase but have discovered that the supplier is unable to fulfil the order, or if you had ordered a larger quantity of items, but subsequently only required part of the order.

Closing the PO will prevent any further receipt of the remaining items in the PO. You may also Close a PO that is completely unreceived as well.

Closing the Purchase Order will not affect the status of the Purchase Request on My Buylist, which will still reflect as "Awarded". If you wish to void the award as well, you may use the "Void Award" function instead. You may refer to this article to do so: How To Can I Cancel an Awarded Purchase Request Using The Void Award Function?

Steps to Close a Purchase Order

The rights to Close PO are granted to the user who is receiving the goods for the Purchase Order (i.e. you should also have the Create GRN option available)

1. Go to the Purchase Order tab on the "Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice" page.

2. Search for the Purchase Order you wish to Close.

3. Click on the Actions button, then select 'Close PO'

4. The Close PO dialogue box will appear, and ask you to enter in Comments (which are mandatory). After you 've entered the comment you may click 'OK' to Close the PO.

5. You may also choose to activate the 'Notify supplier' option, which will send an email to the supplier to inform them that the Purchase Order is closed.

The Purchase Order status will reflect as Closed, with remaining value after the PO has been closed.

Do note that if you have any Goods Receipts that are in progress, you will not be able to Close the Purchase Order, and will receive a pop-up error message instead.

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